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Why only part of the voucher or invoice (in the format of Computer Form) can be printed on the left side?

It is because your printer driver can't support custom paper size. Most default drivers of MS Windows doesn't support custom paper size. Please refer to the following solutions:

a) The best solution is to ask your printer vendor for the driver supporting custom paper size.
b) Change the paper size to the one your printer driver supported, such as A4.
c) Create a new format. It is applicable to MS Windows Vista,7,8 and 10.
i) click Control Panel -> Printers and Faxes, select the printer by mouse
ii) In the printer windows, choose File -> Server Properties to create new paper size
iii) Set a form name, check the box for Create a new form, input paper size, click Save
iv) Click the OK button when finished
v) Select this new format in Report Designer


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