GTC Business Applications for SME
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Version 6.0.2 Release at 01/11/2019

New functions:
1. New [Case insensitive] option in [Wise Search] of Pickup List
2. New [Wise Search] for Stock Adjustment

Minor bugs fixed

Version 6.0.1 Release at 12/09/2019

New functions:
1. New [Wise Search] for Pickup List

Minor bugs fixed

Version 6.0 Release at 08/08/2019

New Functions:
1. Expanded support for MS Windows 10: User interface, Win APIs and internal codes
2. Support multi monitors: Main form will be showed at first monitor by default but can be moved to other monitor manually. The remaining form will be showed accordingly. Multi Company Control can only be showed at first monitor.
3. New function: [Recalculate and Update the Average Cost of Sales Transactions]. By using this function, Weighted Average Cost can be recalculated in designated criteria and updated to relevant sales transactions.
4. New function: [Recalculate and Update the Average Cost of Stock Records]. By using this function, Weighted Average Cost can be recalculated in designated criteria and updated to relevant stock items.
5. [Import Data from other Company/Location]: if Import Master Files Only be selected in [Select from Multi-Company's data], user can import designated master files.
6. New version of Report Designer: user friendly interface, more functions provided
7. Contact Number open to modify in these transactions: Sales invoice, Sales Return, Sales Order, Quotation, Vendor Invoice, Purchase Return, Purchase Order

1. For multi selection in the interface of [Stock Last Unit Price] and advanced search of Stock Record: will keep the order of the selections
2. [Search Sales Invoice by Customer and Stock] in [Sales Invoice Entry] be divided into two search value, Customer and Stock.
- Fields to search Customer: Customer Code, Chinese/English Name and address, Telephone, Fax, Contact Person, Direct line, email;
- Fields to search Stock: Stock Code, Chinese/English Name, Bar code, Class, Brand, Color, Size, Packing
3. [Export data to other Format File]: Shipping Information included in Sales Invoice
4. [Save report as Excel file]: Default format is Excel 2007 with maximum 1,048,576 lines in each worksheet
5. [Cash Memo Entry]: VIP discount will not be applied if Promotion Discount is valid.

Report enhancements:
1. Change the options of [Stock In/Out Detail Report] and [Stock Weighted Moving Average Price Calculation Detail Report]: [Order by sequence number for same date transactions] and [Order by transaction number for same date transactions]
2. New field, [ForUnitPriceText], can be selected in printing Sales invoice. When the unit price is “0” and the quantity is not “0”, the text of this field will show the word of [Gift].

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