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GTC Production Control System Enhanced Edition
GTC Production Control System is designed to handle the relationship between materials and finished products and quantity transfer of materials and finished products. Total costs of the finished product and the stock level of materials will be automatically calculated. The System supports multi-level relationship and handles the calculation of yield, labor costs, delivery costs, other costs and gross profit. The System can be operated independently or integrated with other modules of GTC Business Applications.
Catalog : PDF File
New functions :
  • Expanded support for MS Windows 10: User interface, Win APIs and internal codes
  • [Recalculate and Update the Average Cost of Sales Transactions]: by using this function, Weighted Average Cost can be recalculated in designated criteria and updated to relevant sales transactions.
  • [Recalculate and Update the Average Cost of Stock Records]: by using this function, Weighted Average Cost can be recalculated in designated criteria and updated to relevant stock items.
  • Unicode supported : All user interfaces, database system and reports support Unicode (UTF8). Different languages can be input, saved and printed simultaneously. For example, both traditional and simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean, etc, can be handled in the system without unreadable characters.
  • [Update opening balance from last year’s data]: the opening balance of Chart of Accounts and outstanding invoices will be automatically brought forward from last year's data.
  • Support multi monitors: Main form will be showed at first monitor by default but can be moved to other monitor manually. The remaining form will be showed accordingly. Multi Company Control can only be showed at first monitor.
  • [Search Sales Invoice by Customer and Stock] in [Sales Invoice Entry] be divided into two search value, Customer and Stock.
    -Fields to search Customer: Customer Code, Chinese/English Name and address, Telephone, Fax, Contact Person, Direct line, email;
    -Fields to search Stock: Stock Code, Chinese/English Name, Bar code, Class, Brand, Color, Size, Packing
  • Customer Prepayment: To record customer’s deposit payment without invoice.
  • Prepayment to vendor: To record deposit payment to vendor without invoice
  • [Import Data from other Company/Location]: if Import Master Files Only be selected in [Select from Multi-Company's data], user can import designated master files.
  • [Print Count] and [Print Date] added in all transactions.
  • Two print-out formats, User Defined Format 2 & 3, added in all transactions: Debit Note, Credit Note, Sales Invoice, Sales Return, Vendor Invoice, Purchase Return, Delivery Note, Packing List, Pickup List, Stock Transfer, Stock Adjustment, Stock Take, Quotation, Sales Order and Purchase Order.
  • The format files for all reports (RTM files) can be shared in a common directory instead of the directory of program installed.
  • New version of Report Designer: user friendly interface, more functions provided
  • For multi selection in the interface of [Stock Last Unit Price] and advanced search of Stock Record: will keep the order of the selections
  • Contact Number open to modify in these transactions: Sales invoice, Sales Return, Sales Order, Quotation, Sales Consignment, Vendor Invoice, Purchase Return, Purchase Order
  • [Save report as Excel file]: Default format is Excel 2007 with maximum 1,048,576 lines in each worksheet
  • [Save report as Excel file]: new option to include one page header or footer
  • supports more than one combination of materials to each product
  • materials can be an item of product or service
  • cost of materials will be automatically captured from Stock File. The cost can be modified or input by user.
  • contains quantity of materials, yield, unit cost, labor cost, delivery cost and other costs. Total costs and gross profit will be automatically calculated.
  • can be copied from Bill of Materials or input by user
  • stock level, outstanding quantity and the costs can be showed
  • materials can be an item of product or service
  • the cost and quantity of materials can be modified
  • contains quantity of finished products, quantity of materials, yield, unit cost, labor cost, delivery cost and other costs. Total costs and gross profit will be automatically calculated
  • when Production Order finished, quantity of finished products and quantity of materials will be automatically increased or decreased respectively. The unit cost of finished product will be automatically updated
  • Up to 3 print-out formats
  • to record the code of Production Order and the name & quantity of finished products and materials
  • to combine several Bill of Production and automatically accumulate the repeat cost or quantity of materials
  • Up to 3 print-out formats
  • to record the name and quantity of finished products and materials
  • Up to 3 print-out formats
  • stock code max to 30 digits or characters
  • support multi-warehouse, each stock can be stored in different warehouse
  • Stock Transfer Entry : each stock can be transferred from one warehouse to another
  • Stock Take Entry supports import text file generated from data collector or input directly
  • independent interface for Stock Adjustment entry
  • support two level stock unit, e.g. 1 box have 12 PCs
  • different unit price for large unit and small unit. The unit price can be in foreign currency
  • data of length, width and height for a stock can be input for CBM calculation
  • support common barcode formats, e.g. EAN-13, UPC, etc
  • can import stock image of common formats: BMP, TIF, GIF JPG etc.
  • support three types of Barcode Label printing
  • up to 4 levels accumulated discounts each stock. User can input either discount rate or discount unit price for a stock. For example, 2% off for over 10 pieces, 5% off for over 20 pieces, 10% off for over 50 pieces and 15% off for over 100 pieces, or discount unit price at $10 for over 10 pieces, $9 for over 20 pieces, $7 for over 50 pieces, $5 for over 100 pieces
  • independent interface for Stock Promotion Price input
  • support VAT tax for mainland China
  • support sales tax
  • Account Payable Reports
  • Stock Reports
  • Sales Analysis Reports
  • Purchase Analysis Reports
    Customer/Vendor Reports
  • Stock Reports

  • client/server architecture : support SQL Server Database with higher speed and large capacity
  • database server support MS Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Linux/Unix and MacOS X
  • data in master files / transaction files can be exported to other GTC systems (same version) with designated date range
  • export data can be directly e-mail to designated person or upload to FTP Server
  • import data from other GTC systems
  • export / import function can consolidate the data in different locations
  • data can be exported to many other common format files : Text file, HTML file, MS Excel file, MS Word file, Symbolic Link file, DIF file, Lotus 1-2-3 file, QuattroPro file, SQL file, XML file, MS Access file, Rich Text file, SPSS file, PDF file, and LDAP file
  • master data files can be imported from many other common format files : Paradox file, Dbase file, Text file, HTML file, MS Excel file, MS Word file, Lotus 1-2-3 file, QuattroPro file, XML file, MS Access file and ADO file
  • user can search a master record (e.g. a customer, a vendor) by just defining partial information in a designated field. For example, user can search the customers with English Name [Printing]. Search Type can be [Exact Match], [Partial Match at Beginning] and [Partial Match Anywhere]
  • user can search a transaction record (e.g. a voucher) by just defining partial information in a designated field. For example, user can search the voucher with cheque no. [938128]. Search Type can be [Partial Match at Beginning], [Partial Match Anywhere], [=], [<>], [<], [<=], [>], [>=]
  • user can pre-set the remark's content in Remark File for common use
  • all executed actions are recorded and can be checked under User Log Control
  • no of modification, modified person and modified time for each record are recorded
  • each function for different user can be set to read, new, edit or delete in User Security Maintenance
  • sales transactions / reports and purchase transactions / reports can be restricted to access
  • all reports in our accounting software can be sent out via e-mail to designated person which can be selected from e-mail system's address book or from Customer File / Vendor File.
  • all print-out formats can be modified by user via built-in Report Designer
  • all reports can be exported to the formats of Excel, RTF, TXT, BMP, JPG, TIF, CSS2, Lotus123, Quattro, PDF (English only), HTML and text file
  • built-in backup and restore functions
  • transaction auditor: to verify and correct database error caused from electric or hardware problems
  • our accounting software support English, Traditional Chinese (UTF8) and Simplified Chinese (UTF8)
  • data fields support bilingual language: Chinese and English. The interfaces and reports will be displayed according to the selected language
  • online update technology used, transactions modified by authorized user will be updated directly to GL
  • accounting period locking function : all transactions in locked accounting period can't be modified
  • True 32Bit Application, no run time library needed
  • print cheque function: payee can be customer/vendor/staff. Amount in words automatically generated after the amount input
  • fully integrated with GTC Invoicing System, GTC Quotation & Ordering System, GTC Retailing System and GTC Production System
    System Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium i3 or faster compatible computer
  • 4GB RAM or above (8GB recommended)
  • 400MB Hard Disk Space
  • 1024 x 768 resolution
  • USB port
  • Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7

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